Selection Principles of Human Resources in the Service Industry

  • Khewika Sukiam Kasetsart University
Keywords: Selection, capabilities, quality, personnel, human resource management


       The objectives of the study were (1) to analyze the selection principles of human resources in the service industry via service industry documents and literature synthesis, and (2) to obtain information on the existing selection principles of human resources via interviews with fifty voluntary participants with work experience in the service/ hospitality industry. Organizations need qualified personnel to work toward their goal and help create good standards and corporate image. The researcher found via literature synthesis and interviews four main competencies as indicators in human resources selection in the service industry: (1) employee relationship performance, (2) professional competencies, (3) self-management performance, (4) legal knowledge and expertise in required areas. The candidates should have good knowledge of the job, language skills, good personality, professional ethics, and entrepreneurship. Each employee should be able to access systematic and clear evaluation criteria. The organization’s main capabilities navigation should enable users to choose who can match specific performance and thus help reduce the turnover rate. Human resource management should focus on the corporate social responsibility by employees’ involvement. These four indicators are guided by Thailand’s seven key components in measuring and training employees in the service industry: (1) Objectives, (2) Advertising and public relations, (3) Personnel, (4) Budget, (5) Planning, (6) Operation, and (7) Achievement. The identified indicators were used to analyze and select candidates’ personal characteristics, particularly knowledge of language, personality, human relations and service-mindedness for specific job descriptions. It was expected that the obtained findings can benefit organizations in preparing their human resources for desirable human and professional aspects.

Keywords:   Selection, capabilities, quality, personnel, human resource management


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