The Factors that Affect Consumer Product Recognition and Sentiment in the Age of Internet Celebrity Economy

  • Chen Chen University
  • Xuegang Zhan
Keywords: Internet celebrity economy,Consumer product awareness,Consumer sentiment,AISIA model


 The rise of new information technology and the development of mobile internet have brought attention to the emerging form of business known as Internet celebrity economy. This article introduces the background and development of this economy, emphasizing its role in promoting market growth. As a marketing tool with wide influence and product recommendation abilities, Internet celebrities play an important role in guiding consumers' recognition and emotions towards products. Through literature review and theoretical analysis, we used the AISIA model to construct a research model for studying the impact of Internet celebrity economy on consumer product recognition and emotions. We collected relevant data through questionnaire surveys for statistical analysis to verify our research hypothesis.The results :1)showed that there was a significant positive correlation between internet celebrities' recommendation, influence, professionalism, reputation, consumers' product recognition, and their emotional response towards products recommended by them. This indicates that enterprises should fully utilize the influence of internet celebrities by cooperating with them to enhance product awareness while actively shaping consumers' positive consumption emotions. In addition, when choosing to cooperate with internet celebrities,enterprises should pay attention to their recommendation ability and professional level to ensure they can effectively improve consumers' level of product knowledge.2)Regarding consumer emotions aspect,our research results show that influential online personalities who possess good reputations have a positive effect on customers’ emotional response towards products recommended by them。Therefore,enterprises can use this finding by collaborating with such personalities so as to promote customers’ active consumption attitude towards their products。Based on these conclusions,this study proposes several suggestions for Product Enterprises & Marketing Practitioners:relevant companies should recognize the important role played by online  influencers;cooperate with those who possess strong influences and good reputations; highlight product advantages; provide transparent information; continuously monitor & evaluate marketing strategies for effectiveness. These measures will help promote healthy development of online economies while promoting sustainable enterprise growth.

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Chen, C., & Zhan, X. (2024). The Factors that Affect Consumer Product Recognition and Sentiment in the Age of Internet Celebrity Economy. RICE Journal of Creative Entrepreneurship and Management, 5(1), 1-16.